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Created 24-Jul-16
51 photos

IAG16 - Ellie McCartney at NACIAG16 - Ellie McCartney IM ButterflyIAG16 - Ellie McCartney IM BreaststrokeIAG16 - Ellie McCartney Breaststroke turnIAG16 - Caitlin Love IM ButterflyIAG16 - Caitlin Love IM BackcrawlIAG16 - Caitlin Love IM breaststrokeIAG16 - Orla Keaveney FrsstyleIAG16 - Sorcha Lavelle IM BackstrokeIAG16 - sorcha Lavelle IM BreaststrokeIAG16 Sorcha Lavelle, Caitlin Love, Mona McSharry (European Swimmer), Natasha Love & Ellie McCartneyIAG16 - Ben Lynch FreestyleIAG16 - Ben LynchIAG16 - Oisin McManus FreestyleIAG16 Oisin McManus Freestyle 2IAG16 - orla Keaveney BreaststrokeIAG16 - Tara mcKenzie in the waterIAG16 Rachel Evans and Caitlin LoveIAG16 - Rachel Evans BreaststrokeIAG16 - Caitlin Love Breaststroke

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