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Created 29-Jun-14
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Melanie Docher with Caitlin Martin, Ellie McCartney and Oisin McCaffrey McManusIAGD2 - Ellie McCartney 200m Breaststroke FinalEllie McCartney - IAGD2IAGD2 - Lakelanders 2 finalists - Sorcha Lavelle and Ellie McCartneyIAGD2 - Sorcha Lavelle with Gold Medal outside UL SportIAGD2 - Sorcha Lavelle Breaststroke 3IAGD2 - Caitlin Martin BreaststrokeIAGD2 - Caitlin Martin and Elie McCartney dive in for the 200m BreaststrokeIAGD2 - Oisin McCaffery McManus Breaststroke 2IAGD2 - Oisin McCaffery McManus BreaststrokeIAGD2 - Sorcha Lavelle Diving 100m Breaststroke FinalIAGD2 - Oisin McCaffrey McManus BackstrokeIAGD2 - Caitlin Love BackstrokeIAGD2 - Caitlin Martin BackstrokeIAGD2 - Caitlin Martin Backstroke StartIAGD2- Girls U14 IM Relay Team - Sorcha Lavelle, Caitlin Martin, Caitlin Love and Sorcha LavelleIAGD2 - Sorcha Lavelle Breaststroke 2IAGD2 - Ellie McCartney Breaststoke 3IAGD2 - Ellie McCartney Breaststroke 2IAGD2 - Molly Flynn Breasttroke

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